Although a nascent market, crypto finance is a formidable space, and as an investor, liquidity and the role of liquidity providers on exchanges can impact your decisions.

What is Liquidity?

The word ‘liquidity’ is often used in financial markets and refers to the ease with which an asset can be converted into ready cash. In the crypto market, liquidity is the ability of a coin or token to be easily converted into money, or other coins or tokens, without causing a drastic change in the underlying price.

A liquidity provider is an institution that behaves as a market maker in…


After our $FXF token launch on the 8th of February, we are staying ahead of the game for our upcoming platform launch. All of this would not be possible without our Stakeholders, Team, Partners, and especially you, our Community.

Take a look below at what we’ve been up to.

22 March 2021 — Finxflo is delighted to announce that Mark Hope will join our rapidly expanding team as Chief Compliance Officer on 1 April 2021. He will be based in the Singapore Headquarters, where he will be overseeing all compliance operations globally.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets industry, half of which was in direct frontline compliance at top-tier institutions such as Barclays Capital, Citibank, and Standard Chartered, where he has led compliance coverage for several businesses across the trading floors, focusing on OTC / FICC markets.

Additionally, he was instrumental in remediation efforts…

Amid cryptocurrencies’ growing popularity and the subsequent rise of crypto brokerages, the question for many traders and investors remains: CeFi or DeFi?

With this in mind, Finxflo was founded in late 2019 by CEO James Gillingham and CTO Thomas Plaskocinski. Headquartered in Singapore, it is touted as the world’s first multi-jurisdictional, regulated crypto prime brokerage and liquidity aggregator, designed to provide traders and investors with the best rates from leading CeFi and DeFi protocols.

One account, one KYC, one wallet

One of Finxflo’s key features is its facilitation of portfolio management for traders through a single account, know-your-customer (KYC) process, and wallet, so users can optimise…

As the world’s first hybrid liquidity aggregator, Finxflo has signed on as the first partner for YIELD.App, an innovative platform that aims to provide access to the best investment opportunities for all users, regardless of their financial or technical knowledge.

Taking innovation in the industry one step further, this partnership will allow Finxflo users to invest securely into YIELD.App without exiting their Finxflo accounts. Both companies are taking a regulated approach to and investing in DeFi.

Through the YIELD.App API integration, Finxflo will allow users holding parked assets sat within the regulated and insured custody, access to quantitative DeFi trading…

We have made further improvements since last month’s update to Finxflo’s trading platform, which is coming up in Q2 2021. To ensure the successful launch of our main platform, our development team has been working very hard.

As mentioned, Finxflo will continue to perform updates for both our test and main platforms.

The following updates have been completed in March:

  • Enhancements to order book design and performance
  • Minor issues fixed
  • Back-end updates

We would like to thank our community for your support over the past quarter.

For any feedback or suggestions, please contact

We thank you for your continued support.

The Most Diverse DeFi Money Market Protocol App

As previously announced, we recently established a strategic partnership with interoperable DeFi powerhouse MANTRA DAO. MANTRA DAO has been rapidly carving out a name for themselves by offering their users unique takes on familiar DeFi products that we all know and love, such as lending, borrowing, staking, games of chance, and more — but with that extra MANTRA DAO flair that introduces new features, we never knew we couldn’t live without.

ZENTEREST is MANTRA DAO’s answer to popular lending platforms such as AAVE and Compound, but while it is based on the same DNA, it’s got a few new tricks…

With 6 million FXF staked on MANTRA DAO, token holders have the potential to receive around 30% APY in token rewards

We are proud to expand upon our partnership with MANTRA DAO and welcome the Sherpas Community to the Finxflo ecosystem! MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform. This partnership will benefit both the Sherpas and the FXF community, resulting in the opening of a decentralized staking pool for FXF tokens.

Stake Your FXF on MANTRA DAO

This unique pre-platform staking program is designed to reward FXF token holders who stake their FXF tokens on the MANTRA DAO platform. Users can begin to stake their FXF beginning tomorrow, Friday, March 5. Rewards will be distributed in FXF tokens and will begin to accrue on Wednesday, March 10…

February 2021 — A big month for Finxflo!

We accomplished a number of key milestones, none of which could have been completed without the hard work of the team, our partners, and the support of our growing community. Here is the summary for February.

Strategic Partnership with DeFi Innovator MANTRA DAO Introduces FXF Staking Rewards!

We truly appreciate the incredible support we have received from the community — Now it’s time to pay it forward

After a (very) quick breather following our fully subscribed whirlwind of a token generation event over at Polkastarter, we’ve already jumped right back into the fray of product and business development! To be specific, we’ve aimed our sights on the cultivation of business partnerships and community building. Community is important to the success of any business in the modern digital economy, but it is especially vital in the field of cryptocurrency. The early establishment of a diverse, active, and engaged community is what makes or breaks most crypto projects. …

Finxflo - The First Hybrid Liquidity Aggregator.

Finxflo is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange aggregator and Defi protocol aggregator. It aggregates rates and prices from the world’s leading exchanges

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