FINXFLO introduces Zero Trading Fees

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2 min readJan 17, 2022

What’s the next frontier for our crypto platform?

We believe it’s community engagement. Since our trading platform went live last August, we’ve kept the conversation with supporters and traders going via Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and this blog post you’re reading.

Based on notable community feedback, we’re excited to announce Zero Trading Fees for our users starting Thursday, Jan 20, 2022. We’re evolving the current revenue model to charge a spread on orders — aka the difference between the bid (sell) and ask (buy) prices — and will pause the Rebate Program in the meantime.

The Zero Trading Fees model is something active traders are already familiar with. Coupled with FINXFLO’s deep in-market liquidity and aggregated, best available prices, the model adds to a compelling platform by lowering barriers to entry in a fast-growing asset class.

Zero Trading Fees will be available from Thursday, Jan 20, 2022, for a limited time, applicable across all trading volumes. Eventually, traders can continue to enjoy Zero Trading Fees if they stake a certain amount of FXF tokens when platform staking becomes available. Details to come soon.

To begin trading on FINXFLO, you’ll be required to complete the KYC process and whitelist your personal wallets.

If you need help on the above, watch these video guides below:

How to KYC

How to whitelist your wallet

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FINXFLO - Trade Smarter

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