FINXFLO becomes the first crypto trading platform to offer gasless whitelisting

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1 min readDec 16, 2021

Whitelist your MetaMask Wallet at no additional costs

As mainstream adoption of crypto grows continues alongside policy-making and industry regulation, one of the things we care about is how to provide guardrails for crypto traders and investors.

Wallet whitelisting on FINXFLO prevents unauthorised parties from receiving or withdrawing your assets, essentially blocking potential illegal activities.

What is Gasless Whitelisting on FINXFLO?

We comply with the universal Travel Rule, which dictates users must whitelist their personal wallets for trading purposes.

To meet the highest regulatory standards, FINXFLO has installed the Satoshi Test into the whitelisting process.

Users have to deposit a small amount of crypto from an external wallet — that they are whitelisting — to the FINXFLO wallet as part of the process. Conventionally, a gas fee is incurred with each deposit.

As we innovate while prioritising customer security, we are excited to introduce gasless whitelisting for MetaMask wallets on FINXFLO. Whitelist your MetaMask wallets without any deposits or gas fees to reduce overall transaction costs.

To learn how to whitelist your wallets, watch our tutorial here.

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FINXFLO - Trade Smarter

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