Why is FXF token a great HODL

Finxflo is the first-ever hybrid DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregator. However, when we phrase it like that, it’s not immediately clear what benefits this brings to an average user. For starters, since Finxflo compiles the liquidity from 25+ exchanges, traders can have a much more fluent trading experience by simply having access to a much larger order book. Furthermore, Finxflo always offers the best price for an asset and best rates for service. To access such features, investors only have to have a single account. The one on Finxflo.

Since traders don’t have to access any of the trading platforms themselves, Finxflo does that for them, making such a large liquidity pool possible. To make matters even better, by controlling FXF tokens, users are able to practice their voting rights in the Finxflo system. Moreover, the platform opens up a wide range of DeFi protocol opportunities automatically so that navigating such an innovative space becomes much easier. By using only the FXF account, users can reap all these benefits of the ecosystem.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

FXF token can be described as a natural blockchain 3.0 asset. Not only for its broad utility but also because of the fact that it utilizes two blockchains, Ethereum and Tron. FXF is simultaneously an ERC20 and TRC20 standard token. Thus, FXF acts as a gel between the two previously detached technologies, synthesizing the crypto multiverse into a mutually related, sustainable entity.

Through this dual existence, FXF opens the door towards the cross-chain interoperability. Therefore, using Finxflo, traders are able to trade previously impossible pairs such as ETH/TRX, ETH/USDJ, USDC/JST, or LINK/BTT. Being the first with that ability, Finxflo users will have an edge in the market by staying well ahead of the curve.

Being able to utilize the best prices across so many trading platforms, especially with these pairs, opens up huge arbitrage opportunities for institutional and individual entities with large pools of funds.

Talking about institutions, legal entities will find it very convenient to have OTC and dark pool investing options with Finxflo, as well as a strong API to integrate the platform into their existing trading systems.

Another feature that adds value to FXF is mining by trading. This means that traders will receive FXF token for making trades on Finxflo. This enhances activity on the platform and serves as a liquidity-making incentive.

Staking and Yield Farming

Trading is not all that investors can do with FXF. By staking their tokens, holders become eligible for passive income. As the platform charges trading fees, the reward pools are filled. Proportionally with the number of staked coins, investors get rewards for their staked FXF tokens through an automated smart contract. This compounding effect is another incentive for all holders to utilize their FXF tokens not only for trading but also for additional income through staking.

Furthermore, through Finxflo, investors are able to access the wealth of DeFi protocols across Ethereum and Tron ecosystems, encompassing all the important yield farming options in the market. Thus, Finxflo becomes a unique portal gateway to all the DeFi innovation.

Key Points to the FXF Token Ecosystem:

  1. Reduced trading fees for the FXF liquidity and ecosystem/platform
  2. Traders can take advantage of the more than 75 million US Dollars available each and every day in global arbitrage opportunities.
  3. 0 Withdrawal Fees
  4. Access to all of the DeFi products and services in the entire DeFi ecosystem, including Yield Farming and Providing Liquidity on multiple platforms.
  5. Liquidity Farming — Clients will give liquidity to FXF for underlying exchanges to be used as margin. Alt coins BTC/ETH etc. They will be paid out rewards in FXF tokens for adding liquidity.
  6. FXF will be buying back tokens and reducing the supply from the market — reducing supply — (increasing token demand)
  7. Clients are then able to stake tokens ‘Staking’ for rewards, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year staking with higher rewards available for longer term and bigger holders.
  8. The tokens that FXF buys back from the market, will be paid to stake holders. We will be using 33% of trading fees to buy back our tokens.

Total Supply — 600,000,000 FXF Tokens

11% — Team

5% — Private sale

10% — Public sale

19% — Partnerships

55% — Farming

Leaders With Skin in the Game

There is nothing worse than project leaders dumping assets on their investors. Therefore, the Finxflo C-level executives devised an automatic system that distributes the token emission to the team across the three-year period. This way, the company shares the fate of its investors, which is a highly uncommon but equally ethical practice in the crypto industry.

Because of everything stated, it is clear that Finxflo wants to position its native cryptocurrency as a clever long-term investment. Since it is a pivotal asset of such a disruptive system, FXF is a potential powerhouse with CeFi and DeFi investors. Especially since the listing on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges is going to ensure enough liquidity to follow all the possible upcoming bullish market trends.

If you want to know more about the FXF token, please visit our token sale website, or Finxflo’s other channels listed below:










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