Discover the seven benefits of our token.

(1) Multi-Chain: ERC-20/BEP-20/TRC-20 interoperability

The FXF Token is a multi-chain token, existing simultaneously on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and TRON networks. FINXFLO is the first to build bridges between all 3 networks, and this full interoperability enables trading of previously not possible cryptocurrency pairs. The ‘lock and unlock’ solution that we adopted, as opposed to ‘burn and mint’ token function, maintains the control of our token supply without the associated issues of burning and minting new tokens, all while allowing our users fast and inexpensive transactions.

(2) Rebate program: Earn 3X multiplier rebate and unlock higher tiers with FXF Tokens

FXF Token holders earn attractive rebates on their trades by enjoying a 3X multiplier rebate. This is equivalent to a discount on the trading fee when they use their FXF Tokens to offset the amount. Staking FXF Tokens for a 90-day period with us also unlocks higher tiers of the rebate program, earning them more rebates. Refer to the table below or visit our page for more details on how the rebate program works.

(3) Staking: Generate passive income with FXF Tokens

By staking FXF Tokens, holders can earn passive rewards. As the platform charges trading fees, reward pools are filled and distributed proportionally with the number of FXF Tokens staked through a smart contract. This acts as an incentive for holders to utilise their FXF Tokens, not just for trading, but for additional passive yields. Staking would be available from 8 September 2021 onwards.

(4) Liquidity Mining: FXF Token holders can provide liquidity to farming pools & gain rewards

There is also liquidity mining potential exclusively for FXF Token holders. By providing their FXF Tokens to farming pools on protocols such as UniSwap/ PancakeSwap, FXF Token holders can earn rewards for every trade that happens within the pool, as determined by the individual liquidity provider.

(5) Farming Opportunities: Farming of FXF Tokens

Once our total supply of 150 million FXF Tokens are in circulation, farming of FXF Tokens will then be possible and token holders can earn rewards with us.

(6) Buybacks of FXF Tokens: 33.3% of trading revenue profits

FINXFLO will commit 33.3% of trading revenue profits for buybacks. This is to ensure a consistent supply of FXF Tokens and helps support the growth and stability in the value of the FXF Token.

(7) Debit Card: Using FXF Tokens for payment

A FINXFLO debit card will be rolled out in Q4, allowing FXF Token holders to use their tokens for transactions easily.