Overall Introduction — Booming of Defi Industry, FXF- World’s First Decentralized Brokerage (Liquidity) Pool Aggregation Protocol

Finxflo(FXF), the world’s leading cryptocurrency broker platform, facilitates its users to retrieve the best prices of DeFi protocols from a single interface. Instead of shuffling between multiple protocols, Finxflo offers investors to connect to all the DeFi protocols from a single account on a single platform.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is, undoubtedly, taking huge steps towards the mainstream. Especially with the latest breakthrough in decentralized finance (DeFi). Certain DeFi projects have taken over the market by storm and it doesn’t seem the dust will settle in the near future. Yet, the crypto trading ostensibly remains wrapped around individual centralized exchanges.

The DeFi ecosystem now incorporates multiple protocols and projects, each catering to a different use-case within the financial ecosystem. From lending and borrowing to mortgages and insurance, there are various projects serving a specific use case of the DeFi industry.

These DeFi protocols have experienced substantial growth in the past six months. The collective market value of DeFi tokens has increased from nearly $1 billion at the beginning of 2020 to more than $6 billion in August 2020. The popularity of DeFi has resulted in the development of multiple projects in the financial sector.

Finxflo: DeFi Protocol Aggregator

The Finxflo platform provides the perfect set of tools to investors to leverage maximum gains from multiple DeFi protocols with minimum hassles. Instead of connecting to multiple interfaces, Finxflo users can leverage its aggregation protocol to invest in multiple DeFi protocols from a single platform.

Finxflo’s aggregation protocol consolidates the rates from all the participating DeFi protocols in one single order book. From the global order book, Finxflo ensures that its users receive the best rates and prices from each DeFi protocol. Finxflo uses advanced algorithms to secure the best rates and prices to its users and investors.

Moreover, Finxflo provides the best global rates for decentralized finance protocols along with ensuring complete transparency into its operations. It enables a fair trading experience for investors to leverage the maximum benefits from the DeFi industry as a whole. Moreover, an investor can access the Finxflo platform to trade in DeFi protocols with a low latency execution in trades.

By aggregating the best prices from multiple protocols, Finxflo enables best DeFi money markets with the highest possible margins. The DeFi aggregation protocol allows Finxflo to eliminate market distortions and create a transparent trading environment with increased liquidity and profitability.

Benefits of Finxflo’s DeFi Aggregator

In such a volatile and fast-moving market like crypto, the coin price difference between various platforms can become significant. By aggregating global DeFi protocols, Finxflo promotes the best prices for an asset, accessing liquidity of all supported exchanges. Thus, ensuring that a trader always gets an edge when acquiring an asset.

Day and swing traders suffer greatly from slippage in low liquidity markets, making the trading risk even greater. Using liquidity from multiple exchanges’ order books lowers that risk substantially. Being able to quickly react to market movements using a single trading tool is vital for a successful trade. Finxflo’s OTC (over the counter) and huge market maker liquidity pool does exactly that.

Finxflo allows traders to eliminate the pain-points of centralized exchanges like illiquid markets. The all-encompassing passageway of Finxflo allows the trader to execute trades of multiple DeFi projects seamlessly. This innovative approach, therefore, enables traders to reap all the benefits of using multiple exchanges, but from a single, decentralized, highly efficient point of commencement.

Furthermore, Finxflo is also mobile-friendly. This means that users who need to trade on the go are able to do so with FXF, making the platform the ultimate tool for even the most demanding traders.

Institution-Friendly Crypto Trading Tool

This solution is highly attractive not only for retail but for institutional investors as well. Through the use of API’s, Finxflo exchange is highly integrable with a wide scope of different trading infrastructures. Therefore, if a financial institution desires, it can easily incorporate FXF into their existing system. Moreover, they are incentivized to do so.

Finxflo’s dark pool trading arrangement neutralizes the possibility of market sentiment change due to huge trades being executed. This anonymity feature allows both retail and institutional traders to navigate the market without unwanted scrutiny. What’s even better, it comes without any additional fees or hidden expenses.

The Finxflo Security System

At Finxflo, the importance of overall and personal security is paramount. The company behind the project Fearless Legends Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore and, as such, fully compliant with jurisdiction’s regulations.

Furthermore, in accordance with the industry’s highest standards, the Finxflo employed Fireblocks as a partner in the security department. With their SGX (Software Guard Extensions) and MPC (Multi-Party Computing), Fireblocks implements a highly innovative military-grade security system on Finxflo. Since multiple non-trusted computer entities have to perform separate actions to access a piece of larger data (user’s funds), hackers’ attacks become much more unlikely. Fireblock’s solution is SOC 2 Type II certified by E&Y and regularly tested by NCC Group and ComSec. However, if a hack somehow does occur, the company has an insurance policy of up to $150 million.

It is also significant that Finxflo has a 24/7 customer support available for its users if an issue arises. Through an on-site live chat, Finxflo’s users can receive instant assistance. This reaffirms Finxflo’s user-first nature and completely bypasses the traditional, annoying form-filling process.

Because of everything that’s been stated, Finxflo is a budding leader in the field of cryptocurrency trading. A second to none innovator with a game-changing concept and execution.

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FINXFLO is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange aggregator and Defi protocol aggregator. It aggregates rates and prices from the world’s leading exchanges