How do Stop Loss and Stop Limit Orders Assist Your Crypto Trades?

Spotlight on our two new trading features.

You can place a Stop-Loss order to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency once a specified price is reached. It’s like an insurance policy that helps prevent excessive losses, or locks in profits, in a volatile market.

A Stop Loss order is designed to limit an investor’s potential losses. If a Stop Loss order is set for 10% below the acquired price, then potential losses will be limited to 10%.

Stop Loss Order

Whether you’re buying cryptocurrency as its price rises, or selling as its price declines, this feature limits potential losses during short term price fluctuations, especially when your position makes an unfavourable move during market volatility. It acts as a guardrail when you are not monitoring the market.

*Available for BTC/ETH, BTC/USDT & ETH/USDT

Stop Limit Order

We launched Stop Limit to give you more control of your trades! This feature guarantees a minimum trade price for sells, or maximum trade price for buys. The order executes only if a specified stop-limit price is reached, giving you precise price control over your cryptocurrency trades.

*Available for BTC/ETH, BTC/USDT & ETH/USDT

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