*Some of the content in this article is no longer valid. You can find the full benefits of FXF Tokens updated here!*

Usually, a regular investor is not fully aware of the utility token’s full power and potential. For example, Ethereum is much more than the subject of speculation. It gives its holder the ability to produce smart contracts. Only through that functionality, the Ethereum network provides a wide range of different possibilities for an investor.

Similarly, the FXF token means much more for the investor than a mere big profit possibility. In fact, big profits are a byproduct of the broad utility of the token. Therefore, this breakdown of FXF utilities will provide a clear picture of all the benefits of the token with regard to possible users’ perspectives.

We will take a glance at how a day or a swing trader can benefit from holding FXF, what should a token-holding yield farmer do to profit from FXF and provide an explanation on how to earn passive income by staking along with other clear upsides of Finxflo’s native cryptocurrency.

FXF Token Utility for Traders

Finxflo enables access to more than 25 exchanges through a single user interface. Since Finxflo collaborates with Fireblocks to provide a military-grade security system, users’ funds always remain as safe as possible.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when traders’ benefits on Finxflo are concerned. Finxflo always detects the global best buy and sell price for a crypto asset. That way, investors can have an edge in the market simply by using the Finxflo trading platform. Additionally, the FXF ecosystem automatically rewards traders who frequently use the platform with its native token, thus further enhancing the trading incentive. This system is called “trade mining” and it benefits day and swing traders like no other platform’s participants. Furthermore, all Finxflo clients are exposed to highly competitive trading fees with a 0 fee withdrawal policy.

Moreover, the FXF token is a real blockchain 3.0 asset. It simultaneously exists on the Ethereum and Tron blockchain, providing important cross-chain operability. For traders, this means that cryptocurrency pairs, that were not previously possible, are now tradeable on Finxflo. By being able to make such trades, investors using Finxflo have a clear edge over the competition in the market simply by not having to take an extra step to fulfill such swaps.

Not only that all trading processes are simplified on Finxflo but such a revolutionary system opens up a whole new horizon of arbitrage opportunities. To benefit from such a design, users only have to hold FXF token deposited in their trading account on Finxflo, without the need to register on any of the connected trading platforms.

FXF Holders’ Benefits Summary

  • Trade 25+ exchanges from a single user interface
  • Trade all pairs from 25+ exchanging while holding only FXF token
  • Trade previously impossible pairs through FXF’s dual-chain interoperability
  • Have access to the global best buy and sell prices
  • Trade with the most competitive trading fees
  • Utilize huge arbitrage opportunities
  • Have funds securely stored while trading on 25+ exchanges
  • Be rewarded for high trading volume

Finxflo — The Yield Farmer’s Heaven

As we previously explained, cryptocurrencies are much more than speculation as not everyone is or wants to be a trader. There are investors who earn as much by utilizing the potential of the DeFi market by yield farming. However, DeFi protocols are still detached and it is a tedious task for any yield farmer to dissect the DeFi multiverse to find the best opportunities.

By holding the FXF token, such individuals are now able to access all the most prominent DeFi protocols through Finxflo’s protocol aggregator from a single user interface. Just like it is the case with the best prices of crypto assets on exchanges, Finxflo singles out the best rates and opportunities for a yield farmer who, in turn, only needs the Finxflo account through which he then approaches the protocol.

This approach is a real time-saver as it automatically points out to deals that could otherwise slip past investor’s attention.

Furthermore, Finxflo has a huge yield farming potential of its own as FXF token holders can choose to provide liquidity to FXF for underlying exchanges. These funds are used as a margin on underlaying trading platforms and liquidity providers (token holders) are rewarded in FXF in return. This process is called liquidity mining and all FXF holders can utilize this system to generate profits in FXF tokens.

FXF Holders’ Benefits Summary

  • Access all important DeFi protocols from a single user interface
  • Have access to the best rates
  • Have access to liquidity mining on Finxflo

Staking as the Ultimate Passive Income Source

Both trading and yield farming are time-consuming if done in the right (and the most profitable) way. However, many cryptocurrency investors do not have this much time on their hands. Nevertheless, by holding the FXF token, these individuals have a real passive income generator in their wallets. By staking FXF, investors become eligible to receive rewards supporting the network.

The FXF staking reward mechanism collects fees charged in FXF and distributes 33% of tokens through a staking smart contract to individuals who have staked their assets.

FXF Holders’ Benefits Summary

  • Rewards for staking inactive FXF tokens
  • Inactive FXF tokens safely stored through a military-grade security system

Scarcity Fueling the Token Appreciation

Naturally, most investors want to predict the long-term price movement of the FXF token while utilizing all its power in the Finxflo ecosystem. While the answer to that question cannot be a definite one, the fact of the matter is that Finxflo, through its ingenious tokenomics, provides all the right cornerstones for the growth of the ecosystem as well as the value of the FXF token.

Finxflo practices an active FXF token buyback policy to drive the market demand. Through the buyback mechanism, Finxflo reduces the supply of the FXF token in the market in a similar fashion as the Bitcoin network automatically reduces the miners’ reward. In Bitcoin’s case, the reward for acting as the network’s transaction validator is halved every 210,000 blocks, thus making the asset more scarce. On the FXF network, the buyback system ensures that the high influx of the asset doesn’t produce market saturation.

Additionally, Finxflo organized the FXF token emission to the team across the three-year period, reassuring that the team has “skin in the game”. That way, the token dumping by the team members, which was so often witnessed in the crypto startup market, is virtually impossible in Finxflo’s existence.

With all these cleverly devised mechanisms in place, the FXF token has a highly realistic chance of appreciating in conjunction with given cryptocurrency market cycles.

FXF Holders’ Benefits Summary

  • Holding an asset with a lot of growth potential
  • Investing in the project developed by a responsible team with clear and well-devised tokenomics


Finxflo’s FXF token can best be defined as a multi-utility token as it provides so many benefits for each user regardless of their crypto-usage preferences. Through all use cases presented, FXF has high growth potential as well as high anticipated longevity, which is unusual for the majority of crypto assets in the market.

The high demand due to the tokens’ benefits perfectly gels with the scarcity produced by the company’s buyback policy. This ultimately ensures Finxflo’s long-term viability.

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