Finxflo opens new office in NYC

Sang Lee to lead the team to establish the platform’s footprint across the region.

As Finxflo continues to add some of the world’s biggest and best names to its platform, the founders are keeping one eye firmly on the strategic expansion of the brand. The world’s first hybrid aggregator has added a new address — in the financial capital of the world, NYC.

Located in Manhattan, NY, the new Finxflo office will bring the team closer to their customers. Supporting the teams in Singapore and Cyprus, the NYC office will strengthen Finxflo’s efforts to establish a wider footprint around the world. The dedicated team will provide much-needed local expertise to their valued partners and users.

Sang Lee has been appointed to lead the new office, and under his guidance, Finxflo looks to expand to new markets from this base. Lee brings 20 years of experience as a leader in financial services to the table. His experience is varied — he has been a founding investor of a boutique investment firm; operations and business development executive for start-ups; and an institutional and equities trader for JPMorgan and Fidelity Capital Markets.

During his tenure as a market maker, he executed some of the largest volumes of trades for biopharmaceutical and technology companies and covered the world’s largest mutual funds and hedge funds as an institutional sales trader. As an operations and business development executive, Lee excels in helping start-ups scale in size and develop sustainable long-term business strategies.

Adds James Gillingham, CEO, Finxflo, “We are thrilled about the launch of our new office under Sang Lee’s leadership. We have many partners and a growing community in the United States, whose needs will be serviced better by us having a local team. Lee is sharp and experienced, and I am excited to have him lead our NYC team.”

The Finxflo office in NYC is part of the brand’s expansion strategy and is positioned to help the industry-leading trading platform operate on a global scale with a local presence.

About Finxflo

Our mission is to create an industry-leading trading platform to facilitate multi-crypto exchange access and provide both retail and institutional investors with professional-grade tools and global best prices through a user-centric interface.

We believe in a cryptocurrency market built on the values of legitimacy and trust, fully accepted by, and accessible to, the mainstream population. We envisage a level playing field for all participants, with the best prices available to traders irrespective of their portfolio size and location, with market distortions and unfair trading practices eliminated.

Our proprietary smart ordering algorithm distributes orders across multiple exchanges and retrieves optimum buy or sell prices, reducing slippage from large orders.

Everyone on our platform gets access to our dark pool, allowing traders to swiftly move in and out of any trade without incurring any market inefficiencies. Importantly, this allows protection from front running!

All with just one account, one KYC, and one wallet!

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Finxflo is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange aggregator and Defi protocol aggregator. It aggregates rates and prices from the world’s leading exchanges

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