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2 min readNov 17, 2021


The first step to trading cryptocurrencies would be to buy and own some.

This process requires the exchange of fiat money for digital assets, and any platform that supports this is providing an “on-ramp” into cryptocurrency.

At FINXFLO, customer experience is important to us. That is why we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with XanPool to launch our on-ramp service on our trading platform.

This integration allows direct fiat purchase of USDT, ETH and BTC — with more to be added soon. Users can execute local bank transfers easily and securely.

It means new users can now get into crypto trading by buying digital assets with fiat currency.

XanPool currently provides on-ramp service to the following territories: Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Hong Kong, Myanmar, India, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Pakistan.

We’re currently testing other gateways to enable on-ramp service for the rest of the world so watch this space.

Watch the video here on how to use our on-ramp service. Click on the link here if the video doesn’t appear.

Do note:

  1. XanPool would require users to perform KYC on its platform to safeguard the security of the transactions.
  2. There is a daily buy/sell limit of SGD3,000
  3. Chargeable fees include 1% transaction fee from XanPool, 1% transaction fee from FINXFLO, and a mining fee.

Read more about XanPool’s on-ramp services here.

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