Finxflo: Fair Launch, Equal Opportunity

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3 min readFeb 9, 2021


Finxflo, Fair Launch, Equal opportunity.

Finxflo, the CeDeFi platform, launched its $FXF token (February 8th at 1 p.m UTC) on Polkastarter. The initial price was $0.05. Whether for private investors or IDO investors, the price remains the same. A bit later, the $FXF token was available in Uniswap (February 8th at 2:30 p.m UTC). The liquidity provided in an FXF/ETH pair was also provided at that same 5 cent price. The goal of Finxflo is to find ways to be fairer with everyone in its community. Let’s dive deeper and understand how Finxflo is trying to create the right environment where everyone can benefit from the same opportunities.

Fully Fair from the Beginning

Finxflo’s FXF token launch was meant to be fair to everyone. Many projects attract early investors by selling their tokens at a discounted price during private sales or limited availability in initial DEX offerings (IDO). Thus, communities buy the token at a higher price while big investors sell their cheaply acquired tokens and make large profits.

Finxflo decided to take another path. All FXF tokens will have been sold at the same price, whether it is in the private sale or the Polkastarter IDO. Even with the contribution of liquidity to our Uniswap pair, we elected to maintain this Fully Fair policy. It is how the Finxflo team ensures that everyone has access to the same opportunity from the beginning, regardless of status.

Moreover, the team decided to unlock all tokens bought during all private sales and IDO. The objective was to avoid future selling pressure due to successive token unlocks. The crypto markets and the community that has been building around the FXF token will in this way be able to enter price discovery from day one. The initial fully diluted market cap will be $7.5 million. With around 45% of the total supply entering the circulating supply on day one, and very few FXF tokens thereafter, the initial market cap for FXF was quite reasonable $3.3 million. Especially when you consider the valuation of other regulated crypto-asset exchanges, we believe that this is a fair opportunity for FXF token holders.

Finxflo: a platform for equally distributed opportunities

Fairness is rooted in the Finxflo platform. As we are a platform that aggregates bids and asks so users can benefit from the best prices, the fairness gene is rooted in the DNA of our project. Our goal is to give equal opportunity for every user to trade at the best possible price. Finxflo users will thus not be affected by sudden exchange failure. They will have access to the liquidity of more than 25 exchanges simultaneously, with extremely low fees for all.

Finxflo aims at being the gateway between institutional finance and the DeFi world. Thanks to its fair and professional tools, and regulation from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and soon other global regulatory bodies, Finxflo is positioning itself as a top platform to welcome institutions to the crypto world.



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