Finxflo announces integration with YIELD App to offer market-leading APYs directly to users

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3 min readMar 15, 2021

As the world’s first hybrid liquidity aggregator, Finxflo has signed on as the first partner for YIELD.App, an innovative platform that aims to provide access to the best investment opportunities for all users, regardless of their financial or technical knowledge.

Taking innovation in the industry one step further, this partnership will allow Finxflo users to invest securely into YIELD.App without exiting their Finxflo accounts. Both companies are taking a regulated approach to and investing in DeFi.

Through the YIELD.App API integration, Finxflo will allow users holding parked assets sat within the regulated and insured custody, access to quantitative DeFi trading strategies, generating significant annual percentage yield (APY). With this partnership, Finxflo brings in new capital to both the cryptocurrency market and YIELD App’s platform.

Taking a forward-thinking approach to business and the value propositions offered to their users, James Gillingham, CEO of Finxflo, says: “We are unique in that we are a multi-jurisdictional entity, not just a protocol. Our relationship with the YIELD App is borne out of our common thinking — taking a licensed approach to invest in DeFi — and we believe we can contribute to creating a positive reputation that will lead to widespread acceptance of digital assets as a mainstream commodity class.”

This integration is only a first step for YIELD App towards their goal of allowing any financial institution to offer high-yielding products powered by DeFi to their client base. Says Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App, “By unlocking these new yield options and integrating with leading companies in the space like Finxflo, we hope to continue to realize the ambitions of decentralized finance and bring DeFi investing to millions of users across the globe.”

YIELD App launched its web platform out of beta earlier this month, after raising $4.9 million in a hybrid fund. To date, the company has over 10,000 users, and more than 30% (28 million) of the current YLD token supply being held in YIELD App wallets. Finxflo is a regulated, secure trading platform designed to offer the best rates and prices from the world’s leading CeFi and DeFi protocols through one connection, account, and KYC process.

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About Finxflo

Our mission is to create an industry-leading trading platform to facilitate multi-crypto exchange access and provide both retail and institutional investors with professional-grade tools and global best prices through a user-centric interface.

We believe in a cryptocurrency market built on the values of legitimacy and trust, fully accepted by, and accessible to, the mainstream population. We envisage a level playing field for all participants, with the best prices available to traders irrespective of their portfolio size and location, with market distortions and unfair trading practices eliminated.

Our proprietary smart ordering algorithm distributes orders across multiple exchanges and retrieves optimum buy or sell prices, reducing slippage from large orders.

Everyone on our platform gets access to our dark pool, allowing traders to swiftly move in and out of any trade without incurring any market inefficiencies. Importantly, this allows protection from front running!

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