February 2021 — A big month for Finxflo!

We accomplished a number of key milestones, none of which could have been completed without the hard work of the team, our partners, and the support of our growing community. Here is the summary for February.

Polkastarter TGE with 15k Participants

A total of more than 15k participants registered for our Token Generation Event! We conducted a fair lottery, managed by our compliance team, reducing the shortlist to 600 successful whitelisted addresses.

Polkastarter TGE was conducted on 8 Feb, 13:00 UTC.

Finxflo X Polkastarter TGE

Polkstarter Launch

After the Polkastarter TGE, all tokens, Private and IDO were unlocked 100%. This is in line with our “Fair Launch, Equal Opportunity” policy, something we feel very strongly about at Finxflo.

AMAs with KOLs

Pre-listing, multiple AMAs (Ask me anything) were conducted. Notable KOLs includes (The Dude, Satoshi Club, Mint Labs, and more )

More than 20,000 followers on both Telegram and Twitter accounts

Since launching in February, we reached over 20,000 users on Telegram and followers on Twitter. Thank you for helping build the community!

5k Wallet Holders!

Congratulations hodlers, we are truly grateful for the support…this is just the beginning.

Top 10 on Lunacrush

We reached the Top 10 on Lunacrush, after a week of listing and registering onto the platform. It was great to see us together with the daddy Bitcoin on some very esteemed company!

Top 10 on Lunacrush

We launched a series of “Hellos”, including FTX and Crypto.com

“Hellos”, including FTX and Crypto.com

Exchange listings

Finxflo is currently listed on Gate.io, Bilaxy, and Uniswap.
Listing on both DEX and CEX further affirms our #CeDeFi vision.


We successfully listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Dextools, Trustwallet, and Lunacrush.

Singapore HQ

We have 7 New Hires in HQ, bringing the Singapore Team to 17 members strong.

More talent is joining us in March 2021 although we are still actively hiring so do please click here to find our recent openings to join us in Singapore!


Our COO, Lili Hamdan, based in our Cyprus office successfully completed the CYSEC advance exam, one step closer to gain our full regulatory licence for Europe. Congratulations!


Sang Lee joins the team as COO, bringing with him 20 years of experience as a leader in financial services. He will be based in our newly opened New York Office. Welcome aboard!


We truly appreciate the incredible support we have received from the community, while we wait for the deployment of the platform, we wanted to pay this forward and provide a venue to stake FXF. Staking has always been part of the DNA with Finxflo and we are super excited to be bringing this to the community early with a DeFI powerhouse in MANTRA DAO. Staking will commence from the 10th of March. Full details on this exciting partnership will be shared next week, including a community AMA!

We are grateful for the support given by the community, both pre and post-launch. For more suggestions, feel free to email us at community@finxflo.com

About Finxflo

Our mission is to create an industry-leading trading platform to facilitate multi-crypto exchange access and provide both retail and institutional investors with professional-grade tools and global best prices through a user-centric interface.

We believe in a cryptocurrency market built on the values of legitimacy and trust, fully accepted by, and accessible to, the mainstream population. We envisage a level playing field for all participants, with the best prices available to traders irrespective of their portfolio size and location, with market distortions and unfair trading practices eliminated.

Our proprietary smart ordering algorithm distributes orders across multiple exchanges and retrieves optimum buy or sell prices, reducing slippage from large orders.

Everyone on our platform gets access to our dark pool, allowing traders to swiftly move in and out of any trade without incurring any market inefficiencies. Importantly, this allows protection from front running!

All with just one account, one KYC, and one wallet!

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Finxflo is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange aggregator and Defi protocol aggregator. It aggregates rates and prices from the world’s leading exchanges

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