After a Successful Presale, Finxflo Launches Its Demo Platform

Finxflo Total Cryptocurrency Asset Management Platform

Finxflo, a leading cryptocurrency brokerage platform, has transformed the cryptocurrency trading and investments industry through its innovative tools. After a successful presale of its native FXF tokens, Finxflo is all set to launch its demo trading platform. This will give users a glimpse into the variety of instruments of the Finxflo ecosystem.

Before we talk about its recent success and the next launch, let’s decrypt the project, its team, and its USP.

Finxflo: A Global Brokerage Platform

Finxflo’s global brokerage platform focuses on solving the discrepancies in the cryptocurrency trading with centralized exchanges. It facilitates decentralization in trading crypto assets to offer the best rates in the cryptocurrency market.

Using advanced algorithms and aggregator protocol, it facilitates users to access the best prices to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Finxflo allows users to access an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency trading under one platform. In other words, instead of going through the hassles of multiple identity checks and management of different wallets, an investor can manage their cryptocurrency portfolio under one unified platform.

The people behind the product understand the importance of enabling a fair and regulated environment for cryptocurrency trading. The Finxflo entity is completely regulated by the Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS).

Access Advanced Tools With One-Stop Solution

Finxflo has partnered with more than 25 exchanges so that the users can access the optimum prices in the cryptocurrency market. Aggregating with multiple exchanges also allows Finxflo to access a greater market depth and thereby offer higher liquidity. Through its unitary portal, Finxflo ensures that clients receive the best prices from its consolidated order book.

The platform also offers innovative tools to retail and institutional traders for a frictionless trading experience. For institutional clients, it provides smart order routing system so that large orders are distributed across multiple exchanges. On the other hand, retail clients can access preferential transaction fees and zero withdrawal fees by trading on the Finxflo network.

Finxflo offers a fair trading environment keeping the security of users cryptocurrency funds as a top priority. Along with enabling advanced security protocols like 2FA, Finxflo has also partnered with Fireblocks to provide insurance services to clients crypto assets.

Finxflo’s DeFi Aggregator Protocol

DeFi protocols continue to gain momentum as use-cases of blockchain in the financial ecosystem are discovered. Currently, multiple DeFi projects catering to different applications of banking and finance exist in the market.

Finxflo has already taken a step to provide the supporting infrastructure for a trader to invest in multiple DeFi protocols. Instead of navigating between multiple DeFi protocols, Finxflo allows its users to trade all the DeFi protocols on a single interface under a single platform. Finxflo’s aggregator tool integrates participating DeFi protocols into a single consolidated order book. This allows Finxflo to provide its users with the best prices of DeFi crypto assets. Moreover, users can access the pool of DeFi industry with minimal hassles.

It further provides its users to engage in a transparent and fair trading experience so as to leverage the optimum benefits of DeFi protocols.

The Team Behind Finxflo

The team comprises of personalities from a background of banking, finance, technological solutions, and the development of innovative products. The team’s experience in the financial sector along with innovation at a technological level is an advantage in the development of the Finxflo platform and its products.

Furthermore, team members also have expertise in blockchain and ICO projects. With the team’s participation in various banks and a history of launching successful financial products, has further given confidence in the robust structure of the Finxflo product.

The team has jointly created an effort to present Finxflo’s product and services on online channels as well as at an offline community level. The tokenomics distribution of FXF token shows the vested interest of the entire team into this project.

The Success Story and Launch of Demo Platform

Finxflo introduced its native token, FXF, to enable wider community participation in the Finxflo ecosystem. The token enables access to a wide range of products and services at Finxflo. It also carries incentives in the form of low trading fees for Finxflo users.

In a successful pre-sale launch, over 5 million of FXF tokens were sold. In the next step, Finxflo is all set to launch its demo platform for traders to familiarize themselves with the interface. Users can access multiple functions of wallets, trading cryptocurrency tokens, selecting market pairs, analyzing charts and graphs from the demo version of Finxflo’s trading interface.

The interface is user-friendly with all the relevant trading parameters available to a trader. For more information on how the demo trading platform, check out this guide.

Owing to its innovative products and access to advanced tools in the cryptocurrency market, the Finxflo platform has received prevalence in a short duration. After a successful presale launch, things have already been set in motion with the launch of its demo platform. Stay updated with the latest developments of Finxflo ecosystem by following their social media channels











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