A huge month for FINXFLO.

We are thrilled to share our accomplishments for the month of April!

FINXFLO, the world’s first hybrid DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregator, today announced the addition of OKCoin, the global, regulated fiat-focused crypto asset exchange, as its most recent liquidity provider. OKCoin’s supplemental liquidity on the platform will further expand FINXFLO’s resources, providing its user base with a world-class trading experience.

Security, usability, and functionality are among the most glaring shortcomings for both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders. With more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from, users are hard-pressed to determine which exchanges and interfaces meet their individual specifications. …

OKEx becomes latest liquidity provider to offer their services on Finxflo

With a mission to “never stop innovating and improving the user experience to make cryptocurrency trading and investing available for everyone”, OKEx is the obvious choice for Finxflo, a platform based on the principles of innovation.

As the world’s first hybrid aggregator, Finxflo offers an industry-leading trading platform that facilitates multi-crypto exchange access, and provides both retail and institutional investors with professional grade tools and best prices through a user-centric interface. This latest partnership with OKEx will make the latter’s services available to their customers.

OKEx is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange that uses blockchain technology to provide advanced financial services…

Seasoned People and Culture executive joins to help architect the future of FinxFlo’s distributed workforce

Keeping up with the momentum of growth and expansion that the company is going through, Finxflo is sourcing global talent to support its long-term vision. Finxflo is therefore pleased to announce that Desmond Williams has joined the company as Global Chief Human Resources Officer.

Desmond is excited to join Finxflo as he has been a passionate supporter of the blockchain industry since 2017. This, coupled with the opportunity to help further develop Finxflo into an employer of choice, was an opportunity that Desmond could not miss.

“Key to becoming an employer of choice, is to be the culture of choice”…

Sang Lee to lead the team to establish the platform’s footprint across the region.

As Finxflo continues to add some of the world’s biggest and best names to its platform, the founders are keeping one eye firmly on the strategic expansion of the brand. The world’s first hybrid aggregator has added a new address — in the financial capital of the world, NYC.

Located in Manhattan, NY, the new Finxflo office will bring the team closer to their customers. Supporting the teams in Singapore and Cyprus, the NYC office will strengthen Finxflo’s efforts to establish a wider footprint around the world. …

We understand there have been several affected wallet holders staking FXF on MANTRA DAO’s platform during the first month.

As per our commitment to the community outlined by our CEO James Gillingham, Finxflo will honor the FXF rewards and provide an Airdrop to the affected wallet holders.

All affected wallets who have staked from the 11th of March until the 9th of April, for a minimum of 30 days, will receive an Airdrop by the end of the month.

The issue with the contract started on the 15th of March after the initial token pool was depleted. It has been confirmed, the rewards were working correctly from the 11th until the 14th of March.

To keep this process as…

The new logo aptly represents the brand identity that Finxflo wants to project

When you’re a trailblazer in your field, it is imperative that you set the bar as high as you can. As the people behind the world’s first hybrid liquidity aggregator, the founders at Finxflo know exactly what that means.

So as the brand gets closer to the launch date, Finxflo has shared an all-new logo, which the team believes is a better expression of the brand identity.

Finxflo is an industry-leading trading platform that facilitates multi-crypto exchange access and provides both retail and institutional investors with professional-grade tools and best prices through a user-centric interface. It places innovation at the…

Although a nascent market, crypto finance is a formidable space, and as an investor, liquidity and the role of liquidity providers on exchanges can impact your decisions.

What is Liquidity?

The word ‘liquidity’ is often used in financial markets and refers to the ease with which an asset can be converted into ready cash. In the crypto market, liquidity is the ability of a coin or token to be easily converted into money, or other coins or tokens, without causing a drastic change in the underlying price.

A liquidity provider is an institution that behaves as a market maker in…


After our $FXF token launch on the 8th of February, we are staying ahead of the game for our upcoming platform launch. All of this would not be possible without our Stakeholders, Team, Partners, and especially you, our Community.

Take a look below at what we’ve been up to.

22 March 2021 — Finxflo is delighted to announce that Mark Hope will join our rapidly expanding team as Chief Compliance Officer on 1 April 2021. He will be based in the Singapore Headquarters, where he will be overseeing all compliance operations globally.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets industry, half of which was in direct frontline compliance at top-tier institutions such as Barclays Capital, Citibank, and Standard Chartered, where he has led compliance coverage for several businesses across the trading floors, focusing on OTC / FICC markets.

Additionally, he was instrumental in remediation efforts…

Finxflo - The First Hybrid Liquidity Aggregator.

Finxflo is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange aggregator and Defi protocol aggregator. It aggregates rates and prices from the world’s leading exchanges

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